Rose Marie Jewelry

I am so excited to introduce my first Featured Guest, Rose Marie Jewelry!

I connected with Lauren Petrow through a mutual friend of ours, and I am so happy I did. Together, her and her mom Debbie started Rose Marie Jewelry, which features their beautiful (and hand-made) brass jewelry. Rose Marie Jewelry has been around for about a year, but really started expanding about six months ago, and is anxiously ready to continue building.

Lauren is a busy lady! At the age of twenty-five, she is already enjoying life working in the TV industry in Chicago. When she isn’t filming, she’s helping design necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for Rose Marie Jewelry.

When I asked Lauren how she got into the jewelry business, she was quick to gush about her family’s love for creativity. She described growing up and doing crafts throughout her childhood, and noted that her mom was always open to letting her and her sister help with decorating their rooms or the house, which only helped encourage and expand their creative juices. Lauren mentioned that she has a family member with a local bead shop in Illinois, which allowed her to become more familiar with the art of jewelry-making. Eventually, Debbie and Lauren decided to turn their passion into a business, and thus Rose Marie Jewelry was born.


One of the best parts of Rose Marie Jewelry is that Lauren and Debbie truly put their own hearts into each piece of work they create. Lauren explained how they travel to gemstone shows across the country to find new jewels in person, which also means they know that the quality is present in every piece of jewelry they create. Because of this, Lauren and Debbie have been able to establish relationships with dealers across the country, giving them access to stones for future pieces. Lauren explained that they take their time with each piece they design, and are always extremely flattered when customers have repeat orders or introduce Rose Marie Jewelry to their friends and family.

As a consumer, I was extremely excited to learn this, because it means that Lauren and Debbie have the ability to customize pieces for each customer when requested. I found myself wandering their website after we had first been introduced, and I was really impressed with how many individual pieces they were designing. There was even the option to contact them directly with any requests for specific pieces. What an awesome idea for weddings, photo shoots, or other personal events! I can think of quite a few brides who would’ve loved the opportunity to create their own jewelry for their wedding or engagement pictures!


Lauren also mentioned how unique their pieces are, which was a huge selling point for me. She noted that they try to follow trends and seasons, and therefore their website is updating frequently with new designs. Overall, their vibe is Bohemian, but after perusing their site I was very impressed with the variety of the pieces they featured. Personally, I love the thought that I’m not going to be wearing the same necklace that thousands of others are, too.

Another point that Lauren made clear during our chat was how proud she and her mother are to be part of a family-run, small business. These are the kind of companies I love to support, and after learning how much love and passion these women put into their work, I was hooked and couldn’t wait to share them with my readers.

Last week, I placed my first order, and can now attest to how great the process (and the product) was. Through the Rose Marie Jewelry website, I was able to quickly and easily browse all available pieces. My heart was instantly sold on a cute feather bracelet – I couldn’t wait to order it! The website linked me quickly and easily to the Etsy account so I could order, and I simply used my Facebook information to log in. I had put a note on the order requesting silver tones for the backdrop of the bracelet instead of gold, and received an email from Lauren personally the next day, clarifying my request and helping me get the design figured out. I received a tracking number the same day, and my order was delivered on time.


My bracelet is SO cute! It was a venture for me, because I typically don’t wear anything but silver jewelry. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten already, and more impressively, how much my more style-forward friends were taken by it. A good friend of mine runs her own photography business, and ranted about how badly she wanted one for her fall photo shoots. The best part? Rose Marie Jewelry is incredibly affordable, especially given the personalized style of their pieces. My bracelet was $24.00 and I believe I paid $3.00 for shipping, and the bracelet arrived in three days.


When I mentioned to Lauren that I wanted to feature her company on my blog, she was kind enough to offer me a discount code to include with my article! I encourage all of you to visit the Rose Marie Jewelry website and check them out – you can use the code RMJ20 for 20% off your order!

I can’t wait for my friend’s wedding next spring, because I plan on asking Lauren to help me design a necklace that I can give as my gift to her. Think about how cool it is to offer someone a piece of jewelry that you know isn’t owned by anyone else in the world! To all my guy readers, I can tell you right now that this would be a PRIME Christmas or Valentine’s gift idea – you’re welcome.

Between the customer service, price point, and overall dedication to the craft that I experienced with Lauren and Rose Marie Jewelry, I couldn’t be more proud to feature them on my blog. Check them out – you’ll be very happy you did!





*all photo credit goes to Rose Marie Jewelry