January’s Resolution: EXERCISE

I might as well start this whole thing off right by jumping on the bandwagon, correct?

No, but really – health and wellness are always great goals to set for yourself. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that there are few things I despise in this world more than exercise (ok, I despise a lot of things – but exercise is definitely one of them).

My January resolution, therefore, is to get more exercise. I started it off right by hitting the gym at 5 AM today, even though every sign in the world was telling me not to. I overslept, my phone hadn’t charged overnight so I ran out of tunes midway through my workout, and the remote start on my car didn’t work, so I froze the whole way there. Regardless, I actually felt pretty proud of myself after I was done! Turns out though, when you take two months off from the gym, you get REALLY out of shape. I think the guy on the other side of the room could hear me breathing during my battle with the stair machine.

P.S. Tonight before bed, I will take that infamous “before” picture of my tummy and arms…. and hopefully in 30 days, I’ll have enough of a change to show you a comparison! If that’s not motivating, I don’t know what is.

Who out there has some good tips or tricks for those of us looking to get back into (or to start) a workout routine? Especially tips for making morning workouts easier – because they SUCK. What is your January resolution?

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