New Year’s Resolutions: A Goal For Each Month

Hello blog buddies! It’s been a while. Hope you all survived the shit show that was the year 2016… and hurray for moving onto something bigger and better! I am welcoming this new year with open arms!

One thing I saw a few friends post on Facebook, that I thought was really cool, was this new way to look at our resolutions: each month, you pick one thing you want to work on, or one goal. You bust your ass for the month until it becomes normal/routine. Then, the following month, you add a new goal, while maintaining the previous one. By the end of the year, you have twelve new “habits” that have helped shape you into a better self!

So why not give it a try, right? It will take all the encouragement possible from all of you, so please help put the pressure on me! If you want to join in, comment and let’s do this together! What a cool way to better yourself without the monotony that is a boring old resolution.

My January resolution is coming in the next post!

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