Welcome Home

“Sometimes, I pretend to be normal – but it gets boring quickly.”

This is me, doing my best to entertain you in whatever means necessary.

Sports enthusiast, serious nature-lover, cat lady, and babysitter, at your service.

Warning: I have the mouth of a drunken Irishman and I’m not afraid to use it.

All photography prints can be purchased in my Etsy Shop Here. To book a session or for more information, please visit the Mind of Mo Photography website.

I answer all questions honestly – and am always looking for inspiration – so use the “Feedback and Ideas” page of my blog to send me a message with your questions, thoughts, and ideas – it’s anonymous unless you want to use your name!

Check out my blog, like, follow, comment, tweet, share – you know the drill. Always looking for feedback and suggestions for future posts, so please don’t be shy.

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